WINE TRANSLATIONS offers comprehensive consultancy services specialized in the wine, spirits, oenology and food industry. We have a dedicated department where bilingual professionals from different related fields (winemakers, sommeliers, chefs, baristas and others) combine their knowledge and expertise on the subject, with their language, communication and marketing skills to provide a high-quality and timely service to all of our clients.

Backed up by in-depth know-how and experience in the industry, we offer a wide range of English | Spanish | French services in the following areas:

Drinks industry: wine, oenology and viticulture, wine tourism, spirits, etc. –if it can be drunk, then we can translate it.
Food industry: restaurants, gourmet tourism –if it can be eaten, then we can translate it.
Gourmet products: cigars, chocolate, cheese, honey, water, olive oil, tea, coffee, yerba mate, among others –if it can be professionally tasted, then we can translate it.
Oenotourism: specialized websites, guides and magazines, newsletters, press kits and news releases, social media management. Private and guided wine tastings, wineries and vineyards tours. Wine fairs and expositions.

Some of our regular clients are: 

• wineries and restaurants
• wine tourism operators 
• wine consultants
• wine retailers
• wine media

Our comprehensive consultancy services include:

• writing, proofreading, editing and/or translating newsletters, brochures, ad campaigns, press kits and news releases;
• drafting, localization and/or translating articles for wineries, magazines, tourist guides and specialized websites;
• updating and/or translating social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.);
• drafting, localization and/or translating wine labels and tasting notes for wineries, restaurants and/or private projects (wine clubs);
• organizing, hosting and/or interpreting wine tastings;
• translating documents and business correspondence for wineries;
• drafting, updating and/or translating wine lists and menus for restaurants and hotels;
• interpreting at wine fairs and expositions, distributors and traders visits, business negotiations, press conferences, seminars, courses, wineries and vineyards tours, private and guided tastings.