WINE TRANSLATIONS specializes in language services for the wine industry in English, Spanish and French

We offer an extensive range of services: 

• Translations (literary, technical, legal, certified, notarized, etc) 
• Interpretations (simultaneous and consecutive, F2F or by phone) 
• Localization (adaptation to regional and international variations)
• Social Media Management / Consulting
• Proofreading / Editing 
• Copywriting
• Transcriptions

Through our dedicated Wine, Spirits and Food department we provide specific bilingual consulting services including (but not limited to) writing content and/or translating it:

• Menus and wine lists for restaurants and hotels

• Tasting notes for wineries, wine publications and digital media

• Content for social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

• Newsletters, articles for magazines and websites

Our company is renowned for its professional, experienced and reliable staff members, as well as for the accuracy and deadline-efficiency of all of our projects. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices and our clients’ satisfaction testimonials. Over more than a decade, we have consistently delivered services of the highest quality in the least possible time to all of our clients - who continue to trust us with their language needs.

WINE TRANSLATIONS is your strategic partner when it comes to wine communications in English, Spanish and French: we will help you say what you need, in the time that you have. Our commitment is to consistently provide you and your company with professional language services of the highest standards of quality whenever you need them.