Our certified translators, interpreters and literary editors are the backbone of our agency. Both our in-house and freelance graduate linguists are fully qualified professionals as well as English, Spanish and French specialists in their own chosen translation field: because of this, an expert knowledge of the terminology used in every particular industry is always guaranteed.  

Bárbara Pintos   

English and Spanish have been a constant presence in the life of our Director, Translator and Sommelier, Bárbara Pintos. Although she was born in Argentina, she considers herself to be a ‘citizen of the world’ since she has also lived in Spain, England, the United States, New Zealand, Belgium and currently, France.

Her work experience includes several positions as free-lance and in-house translator in first tier companies around the world as well as some interpreting jobs, including Government and Senate appointments. Before she left Argentina in 2010, Mrs. Pintos worked as the Personal Interpreter for the Minister-Counselor and General Consul of the Korean Embassy in Argentina, where she was also the official English/Spanish Embassy translator.
In addition to her university qualifications and training as a Literary and Specialty Translator, Bárbara has studied Communications Science at the prestigious University of Buenos Aires. Her wide interests have also taken her to study Italian, Dubbing (neutral Spanish voice-over) and Movies Subtitling

She has a passion for fine cuisine and wines as well, which has led her to obtain a Professional Sommelier degree and specialize in Food & Wine translation. She is also the founder of Cheers Tastings, a wine experiences project she has been running successfully since her arrival in Europe in 2013. She is currently the Communications Director at Wine Paths, the first digital platform featuring luxury wine, spirits, gourmet travel experiences and tailor-made holidays in 13 countries and over 90 wine & spirits destinations around the world. 

For more information on Barbara's career, visit her LinkedIn profile.

Just like the rest of the members of WINE TRANSLATIONS, our Director has vast experience in translation/interpretation positions and keeps herself updated to the latest changes and innovations by taking training courses and attending specialization seminars on a regular basis. Her goal -as well as her team’s- is to keep providing her clients with services of the highest quality in the least possible time.